Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Blog: Part 2

After 4 years... 4 long years, I decided to stop procrastinate & start updating my personal blog. Perhaps I'm starting to see things in a less stressful manner despite all the ups & downs at work.

Basically I have stopped doing Gunpla due to fact of pure laziness =) Life was simpler back then. Being single, studying in Uni & all these being a 'Brat' things. 

Still have a few boxes of MG & some unfinished Gunpla. To sell or still hold on to it until miracle happens one day? My wife said "Don't sell it!" Actually I don't quite get it why she said that. Gunpla boxes are everywhere in the room. A grown man with a wife.. still have toys laying all around the room.

A bit surprise that she didn't complaint my childish side. She's kind of a person who only watch Sailormoon, Shin-Chan & Doremon from TV1 or TV2.  

Anyway, I was & still into PC, mobile & PS3 gaming. Game titles like Batman 1 & 2, Max Payne 3, Ninja Gaiden, FF13, COD: Modern Warfare & etc. Played online game like Maple & Cabal for a while. 

Not forgetting facebook game: Marvel Avengers Alliance. Really like this game. A lot of new hero updates. You never be bored because you can playing superheros like Iron Patriot, Hercules, Ms.Marvel, Rogue, Captain Britain, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Cage & lots more. Until its PVP session become pointless to the extent where you need a 'shit bucket' under your seat & play the game whole day just to maintain your ranking. Each PVP session rewards you special items. Very competitive indeed for a game. All online games are to be honest, I'm just not good enough. ;-(      

No Candy Crush for me. "Very addictive game on Facebook" as advertised. Almost all Facebook games use this term, "Very addictive..." If that's the case, why don't we just stay away from these "addictive" game? Sounds like a drug, an online drug. Hehe.... Don't forget to go out 'lim teh' with your buddies!!! Always send request for life, 'lim teh' no time. Sien....

It's getting late now, good night & may tomorrow be a lovely day for everyone. TGIF!!!

My gaming rig:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

November Release: PG OO Raiser

All images taken from toy-world forum.

This PG cost about 26,250 yen which is around RM1k plus. Better start saving money from now on.

MG release for this coming October & November 2009

MG Qubeley MK.II - 4,200 yen November release (what a surprise!!)

This is the 3rd MG Qubeley to be release even since 2004. From the pictures shown above. I can say it's the same as the previous MG kits. What is Bandai planning rite now..........

MG Qubeley - 2001, August release

MG Qubeley MK.II (Red) - 2004, February release

MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise - 5,040 yen October release

No regrets for those who bought the latest 1/100 scale Gale Strike Gundam and Hail Buster Gundam. Cheers!!!

All images are taken from Toy-World forum.